Meet the Team

Colin Fitchett


Colin’s success comes from being a first-class listener, communicator, and creative thinker, and from having a genuine interest in helping companies and smart, talented people reach a win-win situation. His diligent, focused work and strong people skills allow him to seek the best talent, assess skills and personalities for the ideal fit, and successfully negotiate on behalf of clients, providing human resource solutions for companies’ engineering, sales, operations and executive teams.

Colin has a stellar reputation as a hard working and honest recruiter. He is considered a trusted colleague, collaborator, and professional advisor to numerous companies and candidates. The reason that people have used his services time and time again is because they trust his character and respect his intuitive ability to put the right candidate in the right position. Colin exemplifies the words commitment, dedication, and focus.

Colin is a Graduate of the University of Western Ontario, is an avid reader, and he enjoys theatre, disc golf, and spending time with his family.