About Us

Putting Knowledge to Work

The Stuart Fitchett Group is a recruitment group working with market leading professionals and clients. We work as an integrated team of experienced entrepreneurs focused on accelerating growth.

TSFG was formed out of a passion for recruitment and to offer a service to our clients that they cannot get through internal staffing, and that's the ability to call directly into competitors to source the best talent in the world. Our high level of expertise enables TSFG team to deliver the highest quality candidates in the fastest response times at the least possible cost. Faster hires mean less distraction for all levels of management resulting in greater productivity. We target the right companies and, within them, the best potential candidates. Direct recruiting targets the ‘A’ players you are seeking regardless of the industry, position or location. We recruit professionals who are motivated to join your team for the right reasons.

TSFG only aligns itself with organizations that understand one simple concept - great people make great organizations. At the end of the day, we can only be measured by the company we keep and the results we produce.

Our Mission

Lead you through the transition to a new opportunity to grow your career, and to locate, attract and recruit top professionals in order to grow your business.

Our Values

Living out values is an everyday part of life, visible for all to see.

Understand and listen to our clients
Passion to go the extra mile
Strategic, efficient and reasoned hard work
Provide positive working relationships
Conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and respect